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The Log Rouder / Log Turning Lathe aims at transforming the log into a known geometry in order to provide better results in the production line. It can act as a transporter of log homes, pergola tents, gardens, fancies, lighting poles and diversified constructions.

Technical Specificationsx

Model Log Rouder IMP- CIL - 3000
Maximum Passage Width3.200mm
Minimum Diameter of Log Passing120 mm
Maximum Diameter of Log Passing500 mm
Log Length1 up to 3 meters
Axle Diameter60,0 mm
Knife Roll GearmotorSEW R87
Mobile Roll GearmotorSEW R97
Knife Roll Gearmotor7,5kW
Mobile Roll Gearmotor15,0kW
Hydraulic Unit7,5kW
Roll Diameter220 mm
Type of Teeth of the RollersTooth with attack angle milled in the tube
Total Height1780 mm
Total Length4520 mm
Approximate Weight9.900 kg
Electrical PanelIncluded


  • 6 rollers
  • Ajdustable mobile cart
  • Knife
  • NR12 safety relay drive startings monitored
  • Expandable emergence system
  • Sensors protected against mechanical impacts
  • Thermomagnetic protection in gearbox motor
  • Protection against power grid disturbance


  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Unitizer

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