Log Sorting

Equipment developed to sort automatically different kinds of logs from their varied dimensions and diameters according to the clients' needs.

Technical Specificationsx

Model Log Sorting
Minimum Length 900 mm
Maximum Length 3000 mm
Minimum Diameter 100mm
Maximum Diameter600mm
Feed SpeedFrom 30 m/min
Motor 7.5kW 4poles. It depends on the length
Chain Pace5" with taliscas in V shape
Total Heightde acordo com necessidade do cliente
Total Width1.000mm
Total Lengthde acordo com necessidade do cliente
Approximate Weightde acordo com projeto
Operational System PLC
Electrical PanelCCM


  • 3D scanner
  • Pneumatic Remover
  • NR12 safety relay drive startings monitored
  • Expandable emergence system
  • Safe-key with mechanical actuator
  • Protection against power grid disturbance


  • Input Conveyor
  • Log Unitizer


Serra Fita Primeiro Corte em operação

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