Double-axle Multiple Circular Saw

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Circular Saw designed to perform cuts of wooden blocks and semi-blocks, equipped with traction rollers with pneumatic adjustment, with non-return combs respecting the safety standards.

Technical Specificationsx

Maximum Passage Height200 mm
Cutting Maximum Height190 mm
Maximum Passage Width450 mm
Board Length1 up to 5 meters
Feed Speed10 - 40 m/min
Circular Saw Maximum DiameterUp to 350 mm (18")
Circular SawsNot included
Cutting Thickness2,5 ~ 4,2 mm
Equipment Length2,600 mm
Equipment Width1.600 mm
Equipment Height1.900 mm
Main Motor50 ~ 100 CV
Power Motor5 CV
Automatic Electrical PanelYes
Upper Pneumatic PresserIncluded
CLP with ControlsYes
Total Height1700 mm
Total Length2300 mm
Approximate Weight5.500 Kg
Operational SystemPLC
Electrical PanelCCM


  • With 8 traction rollers for the best traction of the block
  • Two cutting axles
  • Non-return combs
  • NR12 safety relay with starting monitored
  • Safe-key with mechanical actuator
  • Thermomagnetic protection in gearbox motor
  • Sensors protected against mechanical impacts
  • Protection against power grid disturbance
  • Control CLP and Feed Speed / Variator included


  • Handheld and or Automatic Input and Output Conveyors


Double-axle Multiple Circular Saw in operation

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