Horizontal Bandsaw

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Machine designed to receive (pinus / eucalyptus / teak) wooden blocks or semi-blocks then slice them into boards from 1 upto 11 heads in line.

Technical Specificationsx

Board Minimum Thick2 mm5 mm
Block Maximum Height330 mm350 mm
Board Width100 up to 250 mm100 up to 450 mm
Board Length100 up to 3.000 mm600 up to 3.000 mm
Soft Board Stepping Speed20 up to 30 m/min (inverter)10 up to 35 m/min (inverter)
Estimated ProductionIt depends on the quantity of headsIt depends on the quantity of heads
Equipment Length5,300 mm + 1,000 mm by each head6.100 mm + 1.500 mm por cada Cabeçote
Equipment Height1.550 mm1.990mm
Equipment Width2.100 mm2.700mm
Equipment WeightVariableVariable
Feed Conveyor Width190mm380 mm
Return Conveyor Width250mm450 mm
Saw Motor20 CV30 CV
Power Motor3 CV / 5 CV / 7,5 CV3 CV / 5 CV / 7,5 CV
Measuring Gauge Motor (optional)1,5 CV1,5 CV
StartingAutomatic Electrical PanelAutomatic Electrical Panel
Saw Blade Width32 mm (1.1/4")63,5 mm (2.1/2")
Saw Blade Length4,220 mm5,700 mm
Saw Blade Thickness0,9 - 1,1 mm1,1 mm
Cutting Thickness1,7 mm1,9 mm
Flywheel Diameter700 mm900 mm


  • High production and cutting accuracy
  • 1 a 12 cabeçotes na linha
  • System of flywheel cleaning
  • Fixed guide or pressure guide
  • NR12 safety relay drive startings monitored
  • Safe-key with mechanical actuator
  • Sensors protected against mechanical impacts
  • Thermomagnetic protection in gearbox motor
  • Protection against power grid disturbance
  • Stainless Steel Conveyor


  • Automatic Measuring Gauge
  • Pneumatic Pressing Rollers
  • Planer head for of Splinter Removal


Horizontal Bandsaw in operation

Horizontal Bandsaw at another angle

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