Trimmer With Unitizer

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Equipment developed for trimming of blocks and boards with automatic infeed of boards. It provides straight and accurate cuts made in accordance to the market specification.

Technical Specificationsx

Model Trimmer With Unitizer
Board Minimum Length900 mm
Board Maximum Length3000 mm
Board Maximum WidthAs client's need
Board Maximum ThickAs client's need
Feed Speed10 - 30 m/min
Trimmer and Unitizer Motor2,2kW 4P
Roller Traction Motor0,75kW 4P
Trimmer Motor5,0CV 2P
Trimmer Circular SawsØ 550 mm –30 mm bore / without key locker
Total Height1200 mm
Total Width4000 mm
Total Length2500 mm
Approximate Weight4600 Kg
Electrical PanelCCM


  • High production
  • Wide dimensions of cuts
  • NR12 safety relay drive startings monitored
  • Safe-key with mechanical actuator
  • Sensors protected against mechanical impacts
  • Thermomagnetic protection in gearbox motor
  • Protection against power grid disturbance


  • Roller Conveyor
  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Dog Ear Cutter for boards and blocks

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