High Production Equipment designed to edge log slabs, planks and boards, removing crushed marks resulting into clean boards.
It contains traction rollers and pneumatic pressers, besides non-return combs respecting safety standards.

Technical Specificationsx

Maximum Passage Height190 mm190 mm
Cutting Maximum Height155 mm190 mm
Usual Passage Width800 mm1200 mm
Board Length800 à 6.000 mm800 à 6.000 mm
Feed Speed40 up to 60m/min (inverter)40 up to 60m/min (inverter)
Estimated ProductionVariableVariable
Circular Saws05 x 450 mm05 x 450 mm
Equipment Length1.670 mm1.670 mm
Equipment Height1.750 mm1.750 mm
Equipment Width1.450 mm2.150 mm
Equipment Weight1.900 Kg2.500 Kg
Main Motor40 CV40 CV
Power Motor3 CV3 CV
StartingAutomatic Electrical PanelAutomatic Electrical Panel
WiringComplete up to the PanelComplete up to the Panel


  • High production
  • 06 traction rollers
  • Non-return combs
  • NR12 safety relay with starting monitored
  • Safe-key with mechanical actuator
  • Thermomagnetic protection in gearbox motor
  • Sensors protected against mechanical impacts
  • Protection against power grid disturbance


  • Input and output conveyors manually and/or automatically
  • Edged Slab Separator Conveyor
  • Automatic Slab Removal Conveyor
  • Scanner Reader of Crushed Marks
  • Special stepping at 120m/min


Edger input

Edger input (another angle)

Edger output

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